David Böning - Patience

Catalogue ID: LSRDGTL07
Release date: 2024/03/15

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In his album „Patience“ David Böning seamlessly blends various house genres with classic house elements.

Through the first three tracks, Böning pays homage to a seemingly lost era of house music: the Italian (deep) house sound of the 90s. This era is characterized by playful basslines, atmospheric pads, melancholic yet euphoric pianos, and the iconic 707 and 909 drum sounds.

Continuously drawing inspiration from niches within the US house scene, David incorporates these ideas and complements them with contemporary drum grooves. To capture the old-school vibe, synthesizers and keyboards from the 90s were employed, such as the Juno 106 and the legendary Korg M1, leaving their mark in each track. Additionally, modern synths, particularly the Moog Subsequent, were utilized for basslines and lead sounds, as heard in the track 'Cloud Diving.'

The result is a symbiosis of old and new, dedicated to the dancefloor.

Written, produced and recorded by David Böning.
Mastered by Karlheiz Enterprise.
Artwork by Rickardo von Hawaii.