Klix - All These Voices

Catalogue ID: LSRDGTL05
Release date: 2023/06/09

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Next up on Loser Records is an EP by Berlin based and Frankfurt raised producer and DJ Klix. It is a groove heavy 4 tracker, packed with bangers, ready to heat up the dancefloors immediately. A remix has been contributed by L&F, whose UKG expertise accomplishes the EP in a perfect way.

Klix is a talented DJ and producer originally from Heidelberg, grew up in Frankfurt am Main and is now based in Berlin. He is co-founder of the Heidelberg based Breidenbach Label in which he still plays an important role in and remains at the forefront of the Heidelberg/Mannheim underground music scene, organizing various events across the two cities and inviting other exciting guests from across the globe. He is also currently working in the infamous record shop of Dana Ruh called 60waves and has featured on line-ups alongside the likes of Move D, Saorise, Dana Ruh, Kylin Tyce, Shanti Celeste, Coeo, Joss or Whoann.

As of today, KliX has released on Berlin based label Digital Delight and his own Breidenbach Label. During the last couple of years, Sebastian (Klix) has spent majority of the time in his studio perfecting his sound and producing countless, unreleased bombs to add to his arsenal with the thought of releasing on the right labels at the right time. He starts of 2023 with a very strong four  tracker on Robert James Label Body Movment, that is followed up by an EP on Berlin Based Looser Records. His primary focus is it to break down the different elements of house music with his sound heavily influenced by minimal, breakbeats, electro and trance. In regards to both his  DJ’ing and productions, Sebastian’s music shows intelligence and meticulous attention to detail with a love for soft chords, playful breaks, subtle vocals and immense groove.  

Written, produced and recorded by Klix.
Remix by L&F.
Artwork by Patrick Mariscal.