Brunold space program - Blissful ignorance

Catalogue ID: LSRDGTL04

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This poorly crafted EP initially annoys the listener with "Space race", a dancefloor-cleansing piece of electro junk, proceeding rather boring and a little too fast with groovier rhythms in the middle section before ending with inappropriately spasmodic breaks in "First chair last call".

Although Brunold space program has been trying to produce electronic "music" for almost 10 years by now, not much has really come from it and the involvement of Shibafu no Baga on the vocals and Karlheinz jumping in on the master didn't really make it any better.

A perfect match for the LOSER family !    

Written, produced and recorded by Brunold space program.
Features by Shibafu no bāgā.
Mastered by Karlheinz.
Artwork by Brunold space program & Patrick Mariscal.