Stikdorn - Panels, Tags, T-Ups, Wholecars

Catalogue ID: LSRDGTL03

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The third digital release on Loser Records comes in form of a single track release from Cologne based talent Stikdorn.

Producing music for 14 years, he runs the labels TSP and Henk Records and released his own tracks on labels like Third Room, Instinct Lab or Contrary. As a DJ, he has residencies in renowned Cologne night clubs „Gewölbe“ and „Arttheater Köln“.

Inspired by his favorite graffiti motion picture „Dirty Handz 3“ and his own experience as a graffiti writer in the streets of Germany, he came up with a truly special piece of electronic music. „Panels, Tags, T-Ups, Wholecars“ features long evolving synths, supported by a deep and pumping kick drum and a subtle but driving 303 acid bassline. Masterfully crafted variations of percussions and voice samples taken from „Dirty Handz 3“ round up the release.

Whether on your headphones jumping fences at night writing trains or on the sweaty dance floor of your favorite techno club: Stikdorn’s latest release on Loser Records sets the perfect mood for an adventurous night out.

Written, produced and recorded by Stikdorn.
Mastered by Per Hammar / Euromix.
Artwork by Patrick Mariscal.